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Growth and expansion

We’ve always been like a bunch of monkeys swinging through the trees; always working hard to generate enough speed to grab hold of the next branch. And that’s how business has expanded – we’ve pushed our boundaries and had lots of fun, but we’ve never had a fall. Our group continued to expand and grow. By 2015, we had built a Finland wide accountancy chain, launched our finance operation and joined forces once a year with Finland’s largest business magazine Talouselämä and Accenture to select Finland’s top CFO.  We have had plenty of ups and downs, mainly ups. It takes hard work and genuine commitment to develop your business.

Divest Group today

In the past 20 years, our turnover has gone from zero to almost EUR 100 million. Talousverkko accountants and Guida finance are the backbone of our operations. Rainmaker, a sales and customer service specialist, is also a significant part of our business and part owned by Divest Group.

We will continue building our business with a long-term focus but we also know that it is fresh and new ideas that will drive us forward. Some of our latest innovations include software specialists Talouden Ohjelmistopalvelut Finland, Ezy Expense, our expense management platform and Acco, a financial management consultancy. Together they support our core purpose and our clients.

Business focus, mutual appreciation, team working and ambition – we will promote our corporate values across everything that we do. We are also huge fans of legendary GE CEO Jack Welch. His management philosophy forms the basis of our own values and ideologies. We want to make sure that our values are imprinted on the DNA of every single new employee we recruit. By committing to a shared set of values we will be able to create a forward-looking and customer-focused business with a solid future.

Divest Way of Life

Established in 2001, Divest Group specialises in business finance and financial management. We also support businesses with new customer acquisition. Together our subsidiaries and affiliates generate an annual turnover of some EUR 100 million.

Our success is due to our people; a fantastic team of 60 hardworking experts. Our partners are our public face and responsible for providing successful and effective stewardship of the business as a whole. We are based in several cities across Finland, and thanks to our partners, we also have a global presence with offices in Singapore, New York, Zurich and St Petersburg.

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Our Story

It was 2001. The world’s computers had just survived Y2K. Our three-strong team was hungry for new challenges. The first challenge we had to overcome was the sudden absence of a monthly salary regularly appearing in our bank accounts. We now had to earn our way by doing something, every single day, that someone would be willing to pay money for. The little money we had managed to scrape together, we paid to other people. Which is the way these things work of course.

We started off offering controlling and CFO services. This wasn’t the kind of digital innovation we had set the business up to deliver. But back in 2001, a fully digital business was never going to feed your family.

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At Divest Group, we have our sights set on international expansion. "100% of our new  customers come from recommendations." We will continue to strive to deliver on our vision.

About Us

At Divest Group, we have our sights set on international expansion. “100% of our new customers come from recommendations.” We will continue to strive to deliver on our vision.

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